Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Embossed Foil Bird Wind Spinner

A fun and easy Spring or Summer Art project using embossing techniques.  

Foil catering container lids - I found mine at a party store
Brass snap swivels # 12
Coated brass wire - Wal Mart craft section
Wood and shell asst. beads - value pack at craft store
Soft surface such as a catalog, magazine or newspaper
Scissors, markers, ball point pens, hole punch, bells (optional).

Use these foil catering lids to make the birds:
Create a bird pattern and trace it onto the foil lids, then cut out the bird.

Place the bird onto a soft surface like newspaper or a magazine etc.. and use a ball point pen to emboss designs into the foil.  Discuss different ways to create pattern and also if they want to make a realistic looking bird or a more abstract bird.  Different patterns should be used in the design of the bird.

 Using a hole punch or sharp instrument punch a hole in the top and bottom of the bird shape and attach the swivels.  Attach a section of coated wire to the swivels and add the beads and shells.  Create a loop by wrapping the wire around itself a few times and trim.  The bottom is created by looping the wire over the bottom bead and then wrapping the wire around itself and trimming.

Ready for display indoors or outdoors!

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