Sunday, August 25, 2013

One in a Minion Hats

One in a Minion Hats!

This is a project I came up with for one of my September Art Lessons.  I just love the Minions - they make me laugh!  I'm sure the kids will have fun creating their own wearable Minion.

I bought polar fleece yellow fabric and cut it 17" long by 19" wide.  This is a good size for a child's head.  If you want it for an adult head make it wider to fit.  

With right sides together measure about 9" down the side and cut about a 1/4" slit.  This is how far you will sew the right sides together.

Then turn it inside out and sew another seam 8" long for the cuff.

This is how it will look after this step.

Get a length of black yarn about a yard long for the black hair.  Fold it several times and them tie a knot on the end.  

Now get about a foot length of yellow yarn and gather the top of the hat together.
Place the knotted end of the black yarn into the gathered top of the hat.  Make sure the knot is below the yellow yarn and tie the yellow yarn into a tight knot around the top of the hat.

Trim the black yarn to your own taste - long or short etc...
Tie all of the yarn ends into knots to keep them from fraying.

I used different sizes of cups from my kitchen to create the different sized circles for the goggle eyes.
Use grey, black and white felt with large googly eyes.

Next I glued the goggle eyes together with Fabri-Tac from Beacon.  It is a permanent washable fabric adhesive.
Be careful - this stuff sticks quick!

After you have the eyes and the black band assembled place them on the cuff of the hat and glue them on.

Now you can just place some glue on the front and the back of the cuff to keep it from falling down, and you have made your Minion Hat.

These are very versatile - if you want it to be more like a beanie type hat simply cut it shorter and tie the top.

I think this could be a fun start to a Halloween Costume or just a cute hat to wear all Winter.

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