Sunday, February 9, 2014

Painted Pachyderms

I am going to do a Wild Animal Theme for my March lessons and I think the painted elephants in India are wonderful.  
 I have a card from India with an elephant made out of recycled paper that I used for my inspiration.
The silver circle in the middle of his forehead is a brad so the head and ears move.
I'm going to show the students photos of the elephants that are painted for celebrations and festivals in India.
 The students can choose any color for their elephant.  
They'll trace the shapes onto card stock and then using a brad connect the ears and head to the body.
They can draw their designs with pencil and then outline them with metallic markers.
Colored pencils will be used to 'paint' their elephants.
After coloring the elephant they can choose some ribbon to put bracelets around the feet of the elephant and some yarn for the tail.
Here is the pattern for the elephant:

A fun and educational mixed media project!

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