Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giraffe Pattern Printmaking Art Lesson

I have been wanting to do a giraffe art lesson for a long time.  I decided to incorporate pattern into the spots on the giraffe to make it more interesting.  It's really simple.  
Just draw the giraffe on paper as a practice and then draw it again on foam.  
The ears are triangles, the face is a rectangle and the neck is a tall rectangle, etc...   
The spots are easy, pretty much any organic shape they want to make and then add pattern into the shape.  
I use large foam disposable plates, I cut the flat center out and then trim it to the shape I want using a paper cutter.

Make it more interesting by using colored card stock and an ink color that really pop together.  I used Speedball Block Printing Ink in turquoise.

The fun part of printmaking is seeing the print when they are finished, and they can make multiple prints from the same foam plate (cards, gifts).
A frame worthy kids art project!

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