Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Sailboat Craft

I don't buy many craft kits, but this one had some serious potential so I decided it was worth a try.  It's from Oriental Trading Co.

The kit comes unpainted and unglued.  I looked at some simple SunFish Sailboats online for color and sail ideas.

The sail is unpainted and it was basically a wrinkled up mess.  I got out my iron and smoothed it out.

I used blue masking tape - made especially for masking paint projects - and put it on all the white areas of the sail.  I made sure to really press it down so paint wouldn't leak under the tape.  
Then I chose my acrylic paint colors and painted the sail.  Once the paint is dry remove the masking tape.

While that dries you can paint the mast and whatever areas of the boat you want to paint.  It's easier to paint before you glue it.  Next I glued the boat together.

I added the coil of twine to the deck and the ribbon at the top as well as the quote.  Those weren't in the kit.
I haven't tried to sail it yet but it seems very balanced, I think it would float just fine in the bathtub : )
It is also nice enough to display anywhere.

I'm going to teach this to elementary age students and also young adults.  It's a project with simple directions but easily achieved fantastic results.
Some wonderful student examples, they added anchors.

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