Monday, October 13, 2014

Glowing Ghosts

This is a fun chalk pastel project for any age!

I'm going to do this with a class of elderly students who have a hard time tracing so they will make the fence out of white paper strips and glue - like the one above.   My younger students will be able to trace around the fence stencil, like below.  I'll demonstrate each step as they progress.

I'm going to show my students examples of different kinds of ghosts, they can draw their own on card stock and then cut them out.
If you have students in need of a stencil here you go:
So first they'll make the fence - either with paper or chalk.  Then they will make their ghost shapes and decide where they want to place them on the page.  
I'm going to talk about balance and how important it is in composing their artwork.
They can move the stencils around on the black paper until they have a balanced composition.

They'll trace their ghosts with white chalk.

Next they can choose another color to trace alongside the white.  Faces are last.

I chose cool colors for the ghosts and warm colors for the harvest moon.  Another topic to bring up with your students - warm and cool colors.
When they have completed this they use their fingers to rub firmly along the outline of their ghosts in a pattern that radiates outward, making a glowing outline.  

Finally the faces are added to make the ghosts friendly or scary - they're BOOtiful!

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