Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quilt Block Cube - Geometric Design Lesson

This lesson lets students experiment with Graph paper and geometric design using quilt blocks as the inspiration.

My students will have already experimented with graph paper and quilt designs, now they can turn their 2-D designs into a 3-D cube.  A natural and fun transition from the graph paper beginning.

Here is the pattern Jpeg:

Now the students can put their favorite designs on the cube, or create new ones.  
I'm going to review Complimentary Colors and Analogous Colors.
I'm also going to discuss how to divide the squares equally, their are 9 squares with 4 boxes in each block, or 4 with ? boxes in each block, etc...

I'll have some quilt designs on the overhead projector for them to look at and also some graph paper for them to experiment with (if they want to) before they color on the cube.

Once they complete their designs they will cut out the cube and fold it on the solid lines.
Put a knotted loop of fishing line inside the top flap before it's glued and you have a nice hangar. 
Using a glue stick they can put glue on the tabs and assemble the cube.

They can label their patterns if they want to.  
I think they'll have fun making these and they'll look great displayed in the classroom!
Photo from the classroom:


  1. This looks like a fun project. I am eager to see what my kids do with it. I have one question though. It says there is a link to a pdf for the page, but its only a jpeg file. Is it available as a pdf? It would be a much neater print than the jpeg because of the gray background. If not, that's okay.

    1. Sorry the website won't let me upload a pdf - only jpeg.


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