Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spring Snow Globe Craft

I taught these wine glass snow globes for Christmas a few years ago and everyone loved them so I decided to try and do a Spring version.

Materials needed:
plastic wine glasses
pom poms
pipe cleaners or ribbon
3" scalloped card stock circles
mini eggs
mini bunny
hot glue 

Using a Dremel I ground the stem of the plastic wine glass down so that there was an opening at the top before the class.  

Have your students choose bunnies and eggs - I found these at Michael's.

Glue them to the card stock base of their choice.  You can also have them cut their own base.
I used a Cricut to cut mine.
Tacky or hot glue works for this step.
Put hot glue around the rim of the wine glass and center it on the base.

Students use a glitter funnel to add the glitter and put the craft over a paper plate so we can recycle the glitter.
I think green glitter would be great too, but went with the pink on this one.
I also added these flowers I had in my stash of craft goodies.  Sequins might be fun too.
To finish wind half a pipe cleaner around the top of the glass (or tie a ribbon) and then seal the top with a pom pom in spring colors.
You can add a string for hanging or leave it as a standing decoration.
Hoppy Spring!

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