Monday, February 6, 2017

Mona Lisa Parody Art Lesson

My students have been learning about Mona Lisa a little bit each time they come into our studio.  I was inspired by this article I found:

We are using the "Mona" "Lisa" call back and it's working great.  The students are very interested in the Mona Lisa and learning all about her.  Some of them have even drawn their own Mona Lisa or researched about her online.

I created a Mona Lisa Bulletin Board which I keep adding to.  They have really gotten the concept of a Parody because I keep bringing new versions of the Mona Lisa in each month.  Recently they have started talking about what other versions of Mona Lisa could be created, so I thought it was time for them to create their own Parody.

They can choose two ways to create their parody.
One is to add their own background, placing Mona Lisa in a different place, change her clothing, add accessories etc...

The other is to change the Mona Lisa into another character of their choosing.

I'm teaching 1st and 2nd grade so I am going to offer two ways to create their own Mona Lisa. Some students will happily jump right into drawing their own Mona Lisa, others will feel intimidated. I want to build confidence in all of the students.

The only guidelines are:
It needs to remain a portrait.
It needs to resemble the Mona Lisa so that people can recognize it as a parody.

I created a simplified version of Mona for students who want to try this as a jumping off point.
This is a Jpeg if you want to use it.

I'm going to keep the lesson very open - We'll brainstorm and then they can go to work.
They can do some collage by adding to the drawing also:  Putting something in her hands, jewelry etc..

If there's time the students can create gilded frames for their Mona Lisa.

The possibilities are endless for this project.  I can't wait to see what my students create!
I had them sign their art with Da Vinci as their last name.

2nd Grade Art:

 Disney Lisa
 Soccer Goalie Lisa
Winter Lisa (with hot chocolate)
Lisa's House
Baseball Lisa
Tropical Lisa
Unicorn Lisa

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