Sunday, November 26, 2017

No Sew Snowman Pillow

The Large Pillow is a 12" Square and the Small Pillow is an 8" Square before tying the edges.
You will need:
Orange Felt
Black Buttons
Fabric Glue
Hot Glue Gun
Polyfill Stuffing

This is an easy to make Winter or Holiday Pillow Project
Start by cutting your polar fleece into squares.
I made the smaller pillows out of the scrap polar fleece after cutting the larger ones.
I used a 12" Square as a pattern.
Once the Square is cut out in two pieces put another piece of paper that is 3" smaller as a pattern for the strips around the edges.  So this is a 9" square.
Cut approximately 1" strips around the square.  Cut the corners all the way out.
Now fold the strip of polar fleece over and snip about a half inch on the fold.
Push the two layers of polar fleece through the cut you made on the fold and pull snug.
Continue all around the pillow until you have 3 sides completed, then add the stuffing and finish tying the edge.
I like to use another color of fleece for the back so you get some contrast around the edge, like a frame.
Now Glue on the buttons for the eyes and mouth and cut a nose out of felt.  I used Fabric Glue to attach the nose.
Snow Much Fun!!


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