Thursday, June 7, 2018

Super Dad Father's Day Mason Jar Bank

This project will look great on Dad's desk or dresser to collect his loose change!

You will need:
Mason Jars or recycled jars such as jelly or pasta sauce
Tissue Paper
Red Cardstock
A Cricut or other type of cutting machine helps - but isn't mandatory.
I also laminated my card stock for the lids before I cut them out.
Mod Podge

I found these tissue squares at the Dollar Tree:

Begin by either printing out a Super Dad logo - or cutting one like this:

Then I laminated Red Card stock and cut the lids for pint jars using a deep point blade with this file:

I started by putting a coat of mod podge on the jar in the front where I wanted to put the logo.  Then I put 3 yellow squares of tissue on the jar to go under the logo and painted another coat of mod podge over the top.

Be careful not to brush over the tissue too much or it will break apart since it's so thin.
Now fill in the rest of the jar with blue.
Now you're ready to add the Super Dad to the front on top of the yellow.
Brush some more mod podge on the yellow or on the back of the Super Dad and place on the Jar.
Add one more coat of Mod Podge over the Super Dad.

You may have to hold the corners for a few seconds to get them to adhere on the curved surface of the jar.
Let it dry and then add the bank lid under the screw on ring.
You can also skip the bank lid and fill it with candy or use it as a pencil jar!

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