Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rudolph or Clarice DIY Glitter Ornament Balls

I have seen these ornaments for several years but decided to give them a try this year.  They are so easy - and the ornaments have really gotten affordable.  I got mine at Michael's on sale and they were only .40 each.

I'm going to do these with some handicapped students so decided not to have them draw or paint the faces - that way they won't get frustrated.  They struggle with seeing and also with writing steadily.
I found the stick on google eyes at Michael's as well as the fine glitter.

I tried to find the Future Floor Wax but none of my stores had it - this one works great instead.
You take the top of the ornament off and pour about a tablespoon of floor wax inside, swish it around and pour out the extra back into the bottle.

Now put some glitter into your ornament with a funnel or rolled up paper and swirl it all around in the ornament.  I put my finger over the top and shook it and then put the extra glitter back in the container.

I made one about a week ago and the glitter is really stuck inside the ornament.
 (I was kind of worried the wax wouldn't keep the glitter on, but it does)

I used the pattern below and uploaded it on my Cricut, then cut out the antlers using gold glitter paper.

You could also use this as a pattern and cut them out of card stock.

I made a triangle pattern for the ears and cut those out of felt by hand.

The Noses are from the $ tree.

You can add a bow and it looks like Clarice or leave it off for Rudolph.

I used a glue gun to add the ears, antlers, bow and nose.

I think they will enjoy putting these together and they're so sparkly and cute when finished.
My Student's work : )

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