Saturday, January 26, 2019

Donut Watercolor Valentine Art Lesson

I was looking for a fun and simple Valentine art lesson to do with my adults with disabilities.   I think they're going to really enjoy creating these donut cards.
You will need:
Watercolor paper
Colored pens
Watercolor paint and brushes
Mod Podge
Here is a link to my Cricut files:

If you don't have a Cricut simply create your own patterns and have your students cut them out.
My students are unable to cut so I use my Cricut, if they could I would have them do the tracing and cutting.

There are so many fun Donut sayings for cards!

Here are the two shapes.

The icing is cut out of watercolor paper, the donut is card stock.

 I wet the entire shape with water and then began adding  liquid watercolor, this one is almost all water, very little pigment.  I wanted to try darker and lighter pinks.  I did put more pigment on the inside and outside to try and get a little depth.

Being a chocolate lover I had to do a chocolate one : )  There's really no right or wrong way to do this, I just like to get nice soft edges with my darks and lights by adding lots of water.

I'm going to give my students the choice between glitter or drawing sprinkles.  These are the pens and the glitter I used.  I painted a coating of mod podge on the dry icing and then sprinkled the glitter over it.
 I like the glitter effect of these markers, but any will work.  There are some nice metallic sharpies or even oil pastels would be nice.

 Glue the donut together and then onto the card and add your Donut Pun.

These are 5X7" cards when finished.
Student Examples:

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