Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sea Shell Bell Wind Chimes

This is a simple Summer Art Project!

I used Sisal Twine from the hardware store, a 2 1/2" terra cotta pot, pony beads and sea shells drilled with a hole.
I drilled the holes myself with a Dremel tool.  I quickly learned to pick the thinner shells for drilling and leave the thicker ones for another project.

  • First I folded a yard long length of twine in half and pushed the folded part through the upside down pot and into the hole in the bottom of the pot.  This creates a loop for hanging.  
  • I pulled one side of the twine until there was about a 4" loop at the top of the pot and a single length of string coming down from the pot.  I tied a simple overhand knot at the top of the hole in the pot with both strings and also below the hole with both strings.
  • The next step is to place a shell inside the pot for a clapper to ring against the pot edge.  Thread the twine through your chosen shell and tie a knot under the hole in the shell to hold it there.  If the twine gets too frayed for threading try putting some scotch tape around it or trim it.
  • Now simply choose as many pony beads and shells you want and complete your design.  Tying a knot under each hole or bead to hold it in place.
The final step is to paint a design or pattern on the pot.  
I used "Patio Paint" designed for outdoor use on terra cotta pots.  
I painted a wave pattern on the pot with a fine tipped brush and used a Sharpie to write the quote:  "My Body is Here, but My Heart is at The Beach", but you could do anything.

When you hang this outside it will RING in the wind and remind you of your last trip to the beach!

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