Friday, August 1, 2014

No Sew Black Cat - Almost

 I have made cute polar fleece pumpkins this way, but decided to try making a cat instead...
I  designed this project for elementary age students so instead of felt I used foam sheets.  
If you are doing it for yourself or a gift I would use felt.  

First buy some anti pill polar fleece, fiberfill stuffing, foam sheets in green, black, purple, orange etc..., upholstery thread, halloween ribbon, pom poms and sewing needles.

I start with a circle of polar fleece about the size of a large dinner plate.  Then I sew large stitches around the fleece using very heavy duty thread - upholstery thread.  The kids can do this simple stitching once I demonstrate.

Next I pull on the two ends of the thread and gather the fleece into a ball which I stuff with fiberfill.

When it is the desired shape I tie the two ends together as tightly as I can and make a knot so it is secure.
Now cut out the foam shapes for the hat, eyes, and ears.

I used a hot glue gun for the hat and the ears, but the eyes could be done with tacky glue.
I tied a knot in the center of some folded silver ribbon for the whiskers.
They are hot glued onto the face with a pom pom on top for the nose.  
Add some ribbon to the brim of the hat to dress it up a little and then glue it onto the top of your cat's head.  The ears are glued right on top of the hat.

Have a Purrrfect Halloween!!

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