Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2"X4" Block Pumpkin and Frankenstein

These are very easy to create, once you have all the materials: 

Wood blocks
Acrylic paint in orange, green, silver and black
Sharpie Pens
Bamboo pumpkin stems
Wood Thread spools
Raffia and Ribbon

I had Home Depot cut 2"X4"s into 6" lengths for me.
I used a plastic pipe cutting tool to cut approx. 1" lengths of a bamboo stake from the garden dept.

I'm going to have my students paint their block orange or green.
While that dries they can paint the thread spools or decorate the stem.

After practicing some faces they can lightly draw the face with a pencil.
Using a sharpie they can draw the faces, stitches etc...
I'm going to have them use paint for Frankie's hair.
I used this pin from Pinterest as my inspiration for Frankie:

Use hot glue for the stem and the bolts.

If they choose the pumpkin they can leave it out for Thanksgiving by turning it around to the plain side : )
This is a project that lasts forever and brings back memories of the young artist each year it gets put out on display.
Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

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