Monday, August 18, 2014

Halloween Chalkboard Countdown Calendar

I found these cute felt owls at Dollar Tree and figured they would make a fun fall project.  They also have pumpkin and leaf shapes.  They are pretty big - about 12" X 17".
I decided to do a chalkboard countdown for Halloween.
To create a chalkboard I found some Fall wood shapes at the craft store and black chalkboard paint.  
I'll have my students paint these first so they can dry while they create the owl.
The owl and cat designs are from Pinterest:

Here are the other printable signs I made:

Students can cut and mat these and glue them onto the owl where they like them.
I used hot glue for the wood and the ribbon hangar.
Add glitter highlights by painting mod podge or glue on the felt.
Tie a piece of twine to chalk and then attach it to the owl.
Finally add a ribbon for hanging.
Now Whoooo's Ready for Halloween?!

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