Monday, March 26, 2012

What I've been up to...

Here are a few photos of some new jewelry designs - I have been wanting to play with some moonstone briolettes I recently bought and then I played around with some other new components in my bead box - came up with lots of new stuff!  The greenish stone with the birds is chalcedony.  I love the combo of red cinnabar with the turquoise too.
I think the moonstone will look great in the summer with a tan.  You can't see it too well in these photos but the moonstone has the neatest blue in it when it catches the light.  I have been experimenting with those y necklaces for awhile and I like these designs the best so far.  Another new thing I've decided I like is to use a little bit larger chain so that I can make the necklace adjustable to any length.  I especially like putting a little decorative accent at the end of the chain.  Another new direction for me is the last necklace - it is actually designed to be a "Hair Chain" - to be worn over your hair kind of like a crown - but it doubles as a necklace as well.  One of the hair stylists where I bring my jewelry requested them and now her daughter and her friends are wearing them to school : )

You can e-mail me anytime if you would like any of my jewelry for yourself or as a gift.

Something New for Me...

So - I have decided to begin blogging and sharing some of my art projects that I teach to children and adults as well as some of my latest creations with AngelNik Designs.  I have used many other artist blogs and websites to come up with my ideas.  I am constantly looking for inspiration.  I'll share some of my favorite links and I'm even planning on doing some tutorials.  I have used tutorials to learn how to do things often.  Thank goodness other people have been willing to share their creativity.  I'll add photos of my latest creations and maybe just thoughts on life.