Friday, March 9, 2018

Recycle Printmaking Robot Art Lesson

I'm developing a lesson for my First Grade Artists that fits into their "Sharing the Planet" unit.
Using Items usually thrown out we'll create imaginary robots.  We'll discuss how these items should  be put in the recycling bin, but also that artists like to use discarded materials to create art.
This Robot was printed with a Pringles container, prescription bottle, hairspray cap, dog treat lid, shampoo lid, popsicle sticks, lunch meat container and leftover mat board donated by a frame shop.

I'm going to have lots of available shapes for them to print with.

Here are a few examples of Artists who use Recyled materials:

We'll Discuss using discarded items to make art.

We'll also take a look at a few famous robots just to get their imaginations going : )

Students will use tempera paint on plates, dip their object into the paint and then print it onto the 

The orange Popsicle stick made the arms and the Pringles container is part of the control panel.
This cap makes the eyes for this robot.

I think they'll really have fun with this project.

Here are some examples of First Grade Artists:

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