Friday, January 17, 2014

Luv Birds Art Project

These "Luv Birds" are made out of 3 - 4" gourds.  I've had these gourds for about a year and have been trying to decide what to make with them.  I came up with the bird design because they look like a bird shape to me, with the stem of the gourd as the beak.  They are kind of silly and fun - perfect for a kids art project.

I painted the entire gourd except for the stem with pearlized paint - but any acrylic paint would work. 

I used Crayola Model Magic orange air dry clay for the feet - just shape two small rounded triangles and put them right next to each other.  Press the gourd onto them sideways so that they will stand up on their own.  Usually the clay will just stick to the gourd, but you can also glue them on.

Clip the stem with scissors to the desired length and paint the beak.

Once the gourd is dry trace or draw a heart shape onto each side of the gourd for wings.  I used a fine point brush for the heart outline, then I used a toothpick dipped into paint to create all the dots which create patterns/flowers on and around the 'heart wings'.  Just have fun and play with different colors.  Go slow and allow the designs to dry before moving on to another color or the other wing.

I used a sharpie to create the eyes and then contrasting feathers were glued on for the tails.

Wouldn't they make a fun valentine for someone special?  They make me smile!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

No Sew Sock Owls

I have always loved owls - but lately so does everyone else!  They are everywhere!  
This is a fun project I came up with for several of my art classes...

I found a multi pack of bright socks at Target - you could use earth tones but I chose to go with totally unrealistic colors.  You cut the heel off of the socks...

Here are the shapes to cut out of felt that will coordinate with the socks...
Template at the bottom of the post.

Cut the feet on a fold and you can add buttons for the center of the eye.  I glued the wings at the top.

Now put some beans or rice in the bottom of the sock to create a base for the owl to stand up on his own.  Then add fiberfill until the owl is rounded and plump - leaving about an inch at the top unstuffed.

Using fabric tack or hot glue fasten the eyes and beak onto the sock about an inch below the top.  Now fold the 2 top corner edges under just a little and put a drop of glue to hold them together for the ear tufts.

Next pull the back top edge of the sock over the front and glue it over the very top of the eyes.
To finish glue the ear tufts further across the top and you may want to put some fray stop on the exposed sock edges.  Glue the wings and the feet onto the owl and you're done!
What a Hoot!
PDF of the Patterns:

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