Monday, March 6, 2017

No Sew Fuzzy Bunny

You will need:
8x8" Microfleece squares
Dried beans or candy
25mm round wood bead
3/8 inch drill bit and drill
Black and pink acrylic paint
Fine point sharpie
Mod Podge

I was looking for a fun and easy bunny idea and this is what I came up with.  I adapted it from the washcloth bunny.

First drill the hole larger on the bead with a 3/8" drill bit.  I used vice grip pliers to hold the bead while I drilled it. Then put a light coat of modpodge on the bead to seal it.  Otherwise the paint will bleed on the wood.  
I like to do my face before I put it on the rabbit.
I dipped a skewer into black paint and made the two dots for the eyes, then dipped the skewer into pink for the nose.  When that was dry I used a fine point sharpie for the whiskers and mouth.

Start with an 8x8" micro fleece square:
Put some dried beans or candy on the square.  If you use candy I would put it in plastic wrap first.
Fold the top corner down to the middle of the square.
Roll or fold the top two times.
Pull up the two top edges together, these are the ears.
Push the other corner between the ears, this will be the tail.
Gather the ears together and adjust them to your liking, then slide the wooden bead onto the two ears.
I used a skinny paintbrush handle to poke the two ears through the bead.  Then I pulled on the ears until the bead was snug.
Put the two ear tops under the hole in the bead.
Then push them through with a skinny paintbrush handle.
Once they are through pull them with your fingers.
A simple little fuzzy bunny any age can make and enjoy.
Have Fun!

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