Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Thanksgiving or Hanukkah Centerpiece

This year Hanukkah is during Thanksgiving so I am giving my students a choice of creating a traditional pumpkin centerpiece or a silver and blue Hanukkah centerpiece.  
I used Dollar Tree pumpkins and battery operated tea lights.

They are quite simple to make -
I cut the stem of the pumpkin off with scissors and then traced around the tea light where the stem was.
I used a serrated kitchen knife to cut the opening in the top along the line that I traced.
I removed the circle of styrofoam and stuffed a sheet of tissue paper into the pumpkin.
This is to keep the tea light from falling into the pumpkin.  The tea light sits right on top of the tissue paper.
Paint the entire pumpkin with Mod Podge and then pour glitter onto the pumpkin.
While this is drying assemble your label for the front. I used rubber stamps to create the designs.  For the Hanukkah ones I punched a hole in both and tied them together.
Once the pumpkin was dry, I wrapped the ribbon around the back of the pumpkin and hot glued the ribbon in the front of the pumpkin.
Then I hot glued the labels on and finally placed the tea light in the center.

A unique decoration for this Thanksgiving's Celebrations.

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