Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Sew Lion Fleece Pillow

Continuing with my March is Wild theme I decided to finally try and make a Lion Pillow using fleece and tying the edges into knots for the Mane.  
I have seen the fleece blankets using the knot tying technique and also a lion pillow using this technique, but I hadn't tried it yet.

I created a pattern with brown kraft paper using 2 half circles.  The larger one is to cut the yellow and brown fleece on a fold, and the other is to center on top of the cut fleece and use to cut the strips around the fleece.  I unfolded the yellow and brown cut fleece circles and put the yellow on top of the brown just like the pillow would be.  Then I placed the smaller circle on half and cut the strips to the pattern about one inch wide.  When I finished the first half I moved the pattern to the other half and cut the rest of the strips.  Try and cut the two layers together so they are identical.

Next I tied the yellow and brown strips together with a simple knot around the edges.  When they are all tied except for about 4-5 stuff the pillow with fiberfill.  Then finish tying the knots.

Now you can use the pattern I made to cut the felt face.  I used dark brown, light brown and white.  I used black yarn for the whiskers, folding it a few times and tying a knot in the center. Any color combo will work - I thought about using bright pink or blue etc... with the yellow too.
I used fabric tack to glue the nose on first, then the whiskers, then the muzzle over the whiskers, the tip of the nose, the mouth and finally the big googly eyes.
Now your lion is ready to be a cuddly friend.

I have updated this project a little bit, using another method to cut and tie the edges and adhesive felt 
For more info go to this link:

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