Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Put Me In The Zoo" Art Lesson

I'm doing a series of art lessons for preschoolers based on storybooks.  Kohl's had the book by Robert Lopshire and Spot, the stuffed animal, and I couldn't resist this colorful and fun guy AND the story is about colors.

I'm going to read the book to the children and then I'm going to give the kids the yellow shape of Spot:

They will fill in the feet, toes and face with a black colored pencil.

Then they will us a spot to paint the spots - or a dot to paint the dots!
These are small pom poms dipped in paint and used to "Print" the spots.

We'll glue Spot to a white piece of paper and add the juggling balls or spots with a little trail behind them to show movement or action.  I'll demonstrate this and we'll discuss how artists and cartoonists use this technique.

The final step is to glue a black Pom Pom nose on Spot.
Here is the pattern for Spot:

I'm going to introduce complimentary colors as I paint my spots, trying to put blue and orange near each other and also red and green.  Purple will go with the yellow background.  All three sets of complimentary colors are on Spot.


  1. I need to know how to make the giant animal to put the spots on. My little girl wants to do this book for her reading fair project and I want a big animal can you please help????

    1. You should be able to print the pattern for Spot by dragging and dropping it into a document or copy and pasting it or just double clicking on it and printing it.

  2. For some reason when I was looking at yours I thought it was bigger like bigger than a sheet of paper. She has to do her project on one of them tri-fold boards so I was hoping to figure out how to make a big one of him. I am not artistic at all. Wish I was but creative and artistic is not a quality the good Lord gave me :( I can come up with the ideas but the putting it to paper or creating it I don't know where to even begin :)


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