Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crayon Batik Pumpkin In The Moonlight Color Value Lesson

I've been wanting to try crayon batik for a long time.  I love using a pumpkin for this project because the orange and black look so good together, and they are so easy to draw any age group can do it,  plus I just plain love pumpkins!
You'll need:
copy paper
waterproof ink/black watercolor paint

Start by having the students draw a pumpkin that takes up most of their copy paper.   
Show them how to draw the curved lines across the pumpkin to give it a more 3-D look.

The next step is to start with yellow - working light to dark to show the gradation of color and value in their art.  For example the orange of the pumpkin goes from a yellow orange to a darker orange - the yellow orange is a higher value (brighter) than the orange.
I'm going to ask them what does the value of the color do to the pumpkin?  Hopefully they will answer with -  it creates reflection and shadow - showing depth and making the pumpkin look real or  3-D.  
Apply a layer of yellow and leave the space for the curved lines empty for now.
I tried doing the black outline first and the black crayon smears into all the other colors - so I leave it until the end.
Next apply a layer of yellow orange and then finally a layer of orange.  I will demonstrate each step and then let them work.
The pencil lines will get covered up with the ink or with crayon.  Demonstrate how the pressure of the crayon on the paper can create darker and lighter areas and how to blend colors together.
They need to get a nice thick layer of crayon on the paper for the batik.
They can do the stem the same as the pumpkin - light to dark with shadow towards the bottom of the stem.
Add a sandy color below the pumpkin so it isn't floating in space.  Then add a brown layer closest to the bottom of the pumpkin and a night color like blue or purple. 
 Pumpkin in the Moonlight
The last color to add is black...
Now crumple the paper loosely into a ball one time and flatten it back out.
Then paint the ink or black watercolor paint on the paper - the crayon will resist the ink and it will go into the folds and uncolored areas creating a batik effect.
If the ink is sitting on top of the crayon just take a damp paper towel and go over the paper once to remove it.  Too much water on the towel and too much pressure could cause the paper to tear so be gentle.
I crumpled this one once but the one below twice.  You can decide which you like.

I like how the color POPS off the page!  Great Fall Project!


  1. Trying with 2nd graders Monday Will let you know how it goes :)

  2. Love this! I tried this myself with the black watercolor paint that comes with the Crayola set but the black seemed more like grey - do you recommend something else? Or just use very little water to make the watercolor go on darker?

    1. I use liquid watercolor, it's much more vivid. You can also try india ink - art stores should have it.


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