Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recyclebot - Tin Can Robot Tutorial

I wasn't going to do a tutorial for the tin can robot because there are several examples on Pinterest, but after 5 trips to the hardware store and much trial and error I thought maybe someone would like to see a simple way to create their own.  Here's my version:

 You'll need 5 cans - these are the sizes of the ones I used:
Head - 28 oz.
Body - 108 oz.
Arms and Legs - 15 oz. 
If you don't use these you'll have to change the length of the threaded rods.

The hardware I used was mostly 1/4 inch.  
You'll need 2 12 inch 1/4" threaded rods.  
One needs to be cut with a hacksaw to a 7" length for the legs and a 5" length to attach the head to the body.  
The second one is used uncut for the arms.
Wing nuts are attached to the ends to hold the robot together.
Start by punching holes in the cans with an awl, then drill them with a 1/4 drill bit.
Drill holes for the face and also in the top of the head.
The body has one hole in the top, one on each side at the top for the arms, one on each side for the legs and 3 in the center for buttons.
Each arm can has a hole on each side at the top.
Each leg can has a hole on each side at the top.
This photo shows the inside of the body before I attached the legs.  
The wing nut at the top is attached to the 5" rod going to the head.  
The rod across the top is going to each arm, and the 3 nuts and bolts are the buttons.
 Use whatever you want to make the face.
You can add a wire hangar if you want to hang him somewhere in your yard.
Just add a funnel and you have a Tin Man - when I find some red metal to recycle I'll add a heart!
Spray a clear acrylic finish to seal your robot so it won't rust.

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