Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Trees Reflected In A Pond Step by Step Art Lesson

This is a lovely Fall Painting where students can feel successful no matter their age or ability.

Supplies Needed:
Watercolor Paper
Blue Watercolor Paint
Acrylic or Tempra Paint - yellow, red, orange, green and brown

Have the students fold their paper in half.
Students will create a light blue background and add some wavy lines in the bottom half for the water.
Let this dry.

Add the land just above the fold line.  Make sure it is still wet and fold it over applying pressure to the green area so it prints onto the bottom half.

 Next add each tree, printing each tree after it is painted and still wet.
I used two colors for each tree, a background color and another accent color.
Don't worry about the bottom half not printing as a solid area of color, that's what makes it look like a reflection in the water.
Add spots of color in a variety of colors and sizes to make it look like leaves on the ground.
Next add the trunks of the trees, I painted a y shape and made the trunks a little bit wobbly so they look more natural.
 The students will have fun printing the reflections and be thrilled with their finished work.

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  1. What a clever project! Love it! Thank you for submitting it to Fun Family Crafts.


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