Monday, November 9, 2015

Wine Cork Santa Ornament Craft

A fun up cycled project that's very easy for all ages!

You will need:
Pink, red and black acrylic paint
Toothpicks or bamboo skewers
5 mm. red pom poms
Glitter drape for beards
Felt hats - or felt/paper to make your own hat.

Start by painting the cork with pink 1/3 and red 2/3rds.
Add the two eyes by dipping the end of a skewer or toothpick in black acrylic paint and dotting it onto the dry pink face.

I tried using red and black sharpies and also paint pens, but they kept picking up the paint on the tip and didn't work well at all.  Since I am going to be teaching this to kids I wanted to find a way to create the face that was easy.  The paint on the toothpick works great.

Glue a red pom pom on for the nose.
Cut the beard out of the Glitter Drape, basically a triangle with the top cut down in a curve.
Glue it onto the front of the cork just under the nose.
I bought this at the Dollar Tree and used it folded so it was 2 layers.  I took the glitter off.
You could use cotton wool, but this was really easy to use and very inexpensive.
I found these hats at Hobby Lobby, I had to stretch the bottom a little and then they fit perfectly.

If you want to hang them on the tree glue a thread or wire ornament hanger to the back of the hat.
These would make a cute hostess gift hanging from a bottle of wine!
They're a Jolly Bunch!

Student Santas

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  1. I am making your santa right now. Well similar but without the paint and I am making the hat! Yours came out so cute I thought he'd make a nice gift for the teacher!


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